Traffic Video Detection Summary

The SmarTek Video Detection System (SVS-1) is used to capture and process video signals from up to six (6) NTSC cameras for the purpose of indicating vehicle presence at surface street intersections. The heart of the SVS-1 system is SmarTek System's state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based processing hardware and highly innovative image processing software. The SVS-1 system is modular, and therefore may be configured or populated with the right amount of "processing horsepower" to meet each customers
requirements. SVS-1's video signal acquisition design and processing algorithms are very robust which facilitates the use of a wide array of Off-The-Shelf NTSC Cameras.

The SVS-1 system hardware is designed to provide years of reliable service in the harsh environment of roadside cabinets. The SVS contains its own DC voltage regulators which facilitates the use of a wide range of unregulated DC power (12 to 24 VDC). For intersections requiring ten (10) or fewer Detector Channels (output vehicle presence relays), the basic SVS-1 processor box is all that is needed. This results in a very small footprint. For intersections requiring more than ten (10) Detector Channels , external Relay
Interface Cards are used with up to ten (8) relays per card (per camera channel) providing up to a total of forty-eight (48) relays.

The SVS-1 Setup and Monitor software has been designed and implemented using years of highway sensor setup experience. The Windows based SVS setup software is very intuitive and easy to learn and use, making SVS-1 setup for a specific intersection quick and efficient.