Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Funding

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Federal Funding Resources List
Advocacy Organizations

Advocacy Advance Partnership:

Alliance for Biking & Walking:
League of American Bicyclists:
America Walks:
Safe Routes to School National Partnership:

Federal Funding Resources
General Funding and Planning Resources

Find it Fund it Table:
Which Federal Program is Right for My Project? (Advocacy Advance):

Key Data Sources: Federal Investments for Bicycling & Walking in Your Community:
Planning for Biking & Walking Facilities (Advocacy Advance):

How Metropolitan Planning Organizations Plan for and Fund Bicycling & Walking Investments:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Provisions of Federal Transportation Legislation (FHWA):

Federal-­‐Aid Highway Program Funding for Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Programs (FHWA):
Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-­‐21)
How Your State Fares: MAP-­‐21 by the Numbers (League):

MAP-­‐21 Resources, Fact Sheets, Links (Advocacy Advance):

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)

CMAQ Funding Flow Chart (Advocacy Advance):
CMAQ Report (Advocacy Advance):
CMAQ overview (FHWA):
CMAQ Public Access System (FHWA Project database):

Guidance o CMAQ bike/ped eligibility (FHWA):

Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP)

FLAP Fact Sheet (Advocacy Advance):

FLAP Distribution by State (Advocacy Advance):

FLAP Implementation Guidance (FHWA):

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

HSIP Funding Flow Chart (Advocacy Advance):

HSIP Report (Advocacy Advance):

HSIP Case Study Report (Advocacy Advance):

Strategic Highway Safety Plan emphasis areas (Advocacy Advance):

HSIP program overview (FHWA):

Section 402 -­‐ State and Community Highway Safety Grant Program

Section 40 Report (Advocacy Advance):
Section 40 Overview (FHWA):

Surface Transportation Program (STP)

ST Funding Flow Chart (Advocacy Advance):
ST Fact Sheet (FHWA):

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

TAP Fact Sheet (Advocacy Advance):
TAP Advocacy Toolkit (Advocacy Advance):

Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse:

Additional Resources

Citizen’s Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage Your Transportation Agency (Project for Public Spaces):

Bicycling & Walking Benchmarking Report (Alliance for Biking & Walking):

The Best Complete Streets Policies of 201 (Complete Streets Coalition, Smart Growth America):

Financing Federal-­‐Aid Highways (USDOT/FHWA):

Guide for Reviewing Public Road Design and Bicycling Accommodations for Virginia Bicycling Advocates (Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling):

Primer on Federal Surface Transportation Authorization and the Highway Trust Fund (Pew):

Regional Response to Federal Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects (Handy, McCann):

Transportation 101: An Introduction to Federal Transportation Policy (T4America):

Transportation Governance and Finance: A 50-­‐State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of transportation (AASHTO):