300 EMU3 Weigh In Motion Systems In Brazil

Over 300 EMU3 Systems Commissioned

For 16 years, TDC has been inventing, creating and delivering Intelligent Transport Systems across the world. This has included building a strong foothold in the South American region to supply Weigh-in-Motion equipment to countries such as Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
New Manufacturing Hub

TDC has set up a new manufacturing hub in Sao Paulo with local partner Tracevia Do Brasil to provide customers in the region with specialist technical support and resources. A large number of TDC’s WIM systems have been installed across the region and the new hub will build on this strong presence, providing customers with local technical support. In addition, TDC is bringing new product innovations into the region for 2014 with recent contract wins to supply over 300 HI-TRAC® EMU3 Systems.

The EMU3 is both a highly-accurate Weigh-in-Motion and a real-time Vehicle Classification system. It uses low-cost renewable energy supplies, making the location of its roadside installation flexible rather than dictated by a power supply connection. Its integrated communications module with GPS and a unique sensor interface card enable accurate vehicle WIM and classification data to be sent in real-time every five minutes from the roadside to the command centre. In practice, the system is able to operate wherever a mobile phone service is available, and can record motorcycles at the same time as weighing a heavy goods vehicle.

Research Project in Brazil

TDC’s Research and Development Team at TDC has also been working on a project in Brazil with the University (Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul). The purpose is to investigate road damage caused by heavy axles on the toll roads. Using specialist equipment at the University to simulate heavy axle passage over the road, TDC’s EMU system is being used to measure the number of heavy axles and loading to calculate road damage.

With installations in more than 50 countries, TDC is internationally recognised as a leader in high and low speed Weigh-in-Motion systems. TDC’s HI-TRAC® range of High Speed WIM systems are installed along highways to weigh vehicles at normal highway speeds (20-120kph) and detect, count and classify vehicles from 5kph-200kph.

Brazil Investigate Road Damage

Research and Development project in Brazil to investigate road damage caused by heavy axles on the toll roads. Using Kistler Lineas® Quartz WIM Piezo Electric Sensors allow the product to detect mixed traffic, recording axle weight, vehicle classification, speed, axle count, wheelbase, gap and headway you can have official data of road wear.


The unit incorporates interfaces to both piezo electric sensors, inductive loop sensors and a road installed temperature probe. The HI-TRAC® EMU can be powered from either mains supply or solar panel and associated battery & charge regulator.

GPRS Enabled

This means all recorded data is sent via GPRS to Drakewell’s C2 web based platform. Drakewell’s C2-Web is fast becoming the industry’s ‘go-to’ software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily sharable via a web browser. Users are no longer tied to manufacturer specific software and only need C2-Web and a browser to access their data which is securely stored and backed up on Drakewell cloud-based servers available 24/7.