UTC WIM Weigh In Motion System

The HI-TRAC® UTC-WIM is a small, low powered, low cost electronic system capable of monitoring up to 2 traffic lanes providing vehicle weight and class data.

The HI-TRAC® UTC-WIM uses established piezo-electric sensor technology to detect mixed traffic, recording axle weight, gross weight, vehicle classification, speed, axle count, wheelbase, gap and headway.

In the standard configuration, two piezo-electric sensors, a temperature probe and one inductive loop are installed in the highway per lane of detection (maximum 2 lanes). Accuracy levels of COST 323 Class B(10) are achievable with this configuration.

For a multi-sensor array 4 piezo electric sensors, 2 temperature probes and 2 inductive loops are installed in a single traffic lane (maximum 1 lane) to provide higher accuracy levels to COST 323 Class B(7).

The HI-TRAC® UTC-WIM unit is sealed to IP68 and can be installed into either a small pillar or post. The HI-TRAC® UTC-WIM can be powered by a small 3W solar panel mounted on top of a small pillar, supported by two rechargeable 6v 8AH batteries to form a fully standalone permanent solution.