EkoRok Overview

EkoRok™ – A multi-purpose, eco-safe, fast-setting, phosphate-bonded polymer ideal for the repair, replacement and resurfacing of Portland concrete and asphalt. EkoRok reaches 5500 psi in 3-hrs, 7000 psi in 24-hrs, 8500 psi in 7-days, 10/12,000 psi in 28-days, with chemical bonding that is impervious to salt water erosion, doesn't corrode metal rebar, strongly bonds to mineral, metal and cellulose and can be applied using standard concrete technology.

Multiple architectural studies have determined that the use of 'cold-fired' ceramic pozzolan/geopolymer cement binders date back to structures such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Roman Panthenon and aqueducts, the Greek Parthenon. the Iron Pillar of Dehli and the Ankor Wat temple in Cambodia (http://nwpublicmedia.typepad.com/our_northwest_energy/2009/05/better-cement.html)). Our significantly advanced adaptations of these ancient ceramic cement chemistries, which we also refer to as GeoCeramics, once again provide timely solutions that address the increasing awareness of and demand for environmentally safe products, durable concrete/asphalt infrastructure repair materials and dependable, non-polluting construction methods. Although our phosphate-bonded products are commonly referred to as cement/concrete (including by us), they actually produce distinctly different and superior results when compared to limestone-bonded Portland cement and/or any other cementitious material.

Our Geo-Ceramic blends maintain the water-activated, user-friendly aspects of Portland cement while eliminating the corrosion, cracking, durability, pollution problems associated with Portland concrete. The superior bonding/compressive strength, corrosion resistance, non-cracking durability of phosphate-bonding presently enables the quick return to service repair of bridges, roadways, tunnels, runways, potholes, parking lots and heavy equipment storage yards. The unique quality of phosphate-bonded ceramic cement is verified by 12-years of use by the U.S. Military and numerous Municipal, County and State DOT Repair crews.

As and when regional market demand is established our Geo-Ceramic products can be blended in local cement production facilities and applied using conventional concrete application technologies, thereby eliminating the need for expensive concrete industry production changes and/or extensive training programs for experienced concrete producers and end-users.

The invention driven/humanitarian oriented/profit sharing business model created by our parent company, Co-Operations, Inc. (Co-Op), is based on achieving cooperation rather than promoting competition. Creating, producing, marketing, selling and licensing the use of our superior quality, eco-safe Ceramic cement products and related technologies 'fuels our mission'; converting every home, village and city into healthy, sustainable, inspiring places for our children and grandchildren to live 'is our mission'.