EkoRok Use

Fast Setting, High Strength Ceramic Cement for Multi-Purpose Concrete Repair/Replacement



EkoRok is a single component, water-activated, 'cold-fired' ceramic cement material that sets up in approximately 30-minutes and ready for vehicular traffic in 90-minutes, strongly bonding to most concrete, tile, masonry, asphalt, wood/cellulose and metal surfaces. EkoRok is an eco-safe (no fly ash or other toxic ingredients) admixture that can be safely used indoors or outdoors in a variety of applications, developing high early strength that enables quick turnaround in normal & demanding weather conditions.


 Highway and bridge deck repair

 Airport runways

 Anchoring iron or steel

 Industrial floors

 Structural concrete repair

 Any application where a fast-setting, superior quality concrete is preferable


 Quick return to service, rapid strength gain, superior, multi-surface bonding strength

Can be applied on damp surfaces

Can be extended 100% with multiple aggregate choices while added aggregate will

reduce overall 28-day compression strength to approx. 7000 psi

No special curing needed, environmentally safe clean up with no toxic run off problems

Exterior & interior use with no harmful out-gassing

Minimal shrinkage / expansion

Bonds to asphalt, concrete, mineral, metal, cellulose (wood, plant fiber, etc.)

Freeze / thaw cycle resistant

Resistant to deicing chemicals

Following instruction from supplier, can be applied in cold, hot, wet weather conditions


Repairable surfaces must be free of oil, grease, wax, efflorescence, debris and other surface contaminants. To ensure a clean and sound surface, chip down the repair area to a minimum depth of 1/2". For best results, edges may also need to be sawed cut to create a vertical edge depth of at least 1/2". Do not feather edge. Remove all freestanding water prior to placement. EkoRok bonds to dry and damp surfaces.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: (Protective face masks should be worn during mixing stage)

EkoRok contains finely powdered silica materials that should not be breathed in or ingested when mixing from a powdered form. Although our materials are chosen for their non-toxic qualities, if breathed in or ingested, all silica based materials, including for instance baking powder, can be carcinogenic.

Using a mortar mixer or an electric drill and paddle, thoroughly mix EkoRok with 14% (3.5 quarts per 50 lbs.) water by weight for 3-minutes. With this water ratio the slurring material will appear dry at first but will "wet out" as it is further mixed relative to ambient temp. For instance: At ambient temp. of 60-70 degrees; 2 lbs. of road repair = water ratio of 5.8 oz. Without gravel; 14% water ratio by total weight. With gravel; 10% water ratio by total weight.


Immediately after mixing apply EkoRok slurry to the repair area.


For cold weather applications the mix water and substrate surface should be pre-heated. Cover the repair area after setting to maintain the internal exothermic bonding temperature. For temperatures above 72F, colder water can be used to control working time.

For wet weather and applications under 14 F0 (-10 C0), discuss with supplier as listed below.


EkoRok is packaged in 50 LB. (22.5 Kg) recycled plastic buckets or boxes with re-sealable, inner plastic bags, yielding approximately 0.35 ft3 (12.8 Liters) after mixing with water. For deeper repairs using a gravel extender, the yield is approximately 0.9 ft3 (25 Liters). 50 lbs. of EkoRok applied at 10mm (0.3937 in.) thickness yields one sq. meter (10.8 sq. Ft.). 50 lbs. of 3/8" gravel or other suitable mineral, metal, cellulose aggregate can be added to 50 lbs. of EkoRok.


Clean all tools and equipment need to be cleaned with soap and water immediately after use. Because EkoRok contains no toxic ingredients and assuming the end-user doesn't add fly ash and/or other toxic aggregates, meets and exceeds EPA concrete clean up regulations.


Normal shelf life is12-months from date of manufacture when EkoRok is contained in a resealed plastic bucket or secure box container with inner, re-sealable plastic bag. Important note: unused EkoRok must be kept in a sealed, airtight bag or plastic bucket containers, protected from moisture and other atmospheric contaminants.


WARRANTY: C3 warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects for 12-months from the date of purchase, if the products are used according to C3’s instructions prior to their expiration date. Subject to these provisos C3 will replace the defective products.

Such product replacement shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy for any claim under this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. C3 makes no warranty of merchantability or suitability of its products for any particular purpose. C3 disclaims liability for incidental, consequential or indirect damages or losses of any kind arising out of the use of EkoRok