Non-Intrusive Sensors

SAS-1 Passive Acoustic Detector (PAD)


The SAS-1 passive acoustic detection system is a very afforable and easy to install alternative to "in pavement" magnetic loops.

 The SAS-1 delivers reliable multi-lane vehicle detection and traffic flow measurements from a non-intrusive roadside mounting position. Each SAS-1 sensor head can accurately monitor up to five freeway or midblock lanes.

 The SAS-1 passive acoustic detection system provides very low power operation and flexible communication modes critical for solar powered sensor stations. Wireless communication options are available for the SAS-1 eliminating the need to install long and expensive cable conduit runs.

Features and Specifications

 – Real Time traffic measurements and Long Term measurement archiving.
 – Low Installation cost, mounting on existing roadside structures.
 – RS-422 Home Run (up to 2K ft) or Wireless option to eliminate HR cable.
 – Polled or periodic communication with flexible message formats.
 – 10 opto-isolated Vehicle Presence Relay outputs per SAS-1 head.
 – Complete loop backfit capability using external SAS Relay cards.
 – Unique ID, multiple SAS-1 heads can share a single home run cable or wireless link.
 – Low power consumption (1.7 watts) supports solar powered sensor stations.
 – Power Requirements-12 VDC to 24 VDC.
 – Dimensions- 3.5" H x 8.0" W x 12.0" L Temperature- -20 C to +75 C
 – Weight including mounting bracket- Less than 7 lbs
 – Two Year Warranty