SVS-1 Architecture and Interfaces

The SVS-1 system is modular, and may be configured or populated with the right number of processor boards to meet each customer's requirements. A fully populated SVS-1 is made up of three Camera Image Processor DSP Boards and one Main DSP Board. Each Camera Image Processor DSP Board in the SVS-1 implements two camera processing channels with each having a unique ID number (SVS0001, SVS0002, SVS0003, …, SVS0006).

For robust vehicle detection performance, the end user may combine any number of the thirty (30) detection line zones per camera channel to form a resultant Lane Group (up to 10 LGs per camera channel). Each LG may be output via the onboard back panel connector (up to 10 relays) or via External Relay Interface Cards (1 or 2 RI cards per camera channel, 1 Main and 1 Aux).

Traffic Video Detection