SVS-1 Architecture and Interfaces

The SVS-1 system is modular, and may be configured or populated with the right number of processor boards to meet each customer's requirements. A fully populated SVS-1 is made up of three Camera Image Processor DSP Boards and one Main DSP Board. Each Camera Image Processor DSP Board in the SVS-1 implements two camera processing channels with each having a unique ID number (SVS0001, SVS0002, SVS0003, …, SVS0006).

SBC 2400 Traffic Controller

The SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU is designed to meet traffic industry needs for a single-board traffic controller that can be interfaced to an adjacent power driver board. It is based on the Type 170 controller concept and provides the same durability, ruggedness and dependability as the more than 80,000 Type 170 controllers used in the US and many foreign countries. It uses the Motorola 68HC11 processor as the 170E. It is a single board design, does not come with a housing, and shares the same power supply as other components in the traffic cabinet.

SAS Multi Lane Acoustic Sensor

The SAS-1 passive acoustic detection system is a very afforable and easy to install alternative to "in pavement" magnetic loops.

The SAS-1 delivers reliable multi-lane vehicle detection and traffic flow measurements from a non-intrusive roadside mounting position. Each SAS-1 sensor head can accurately monitor up to five freeway or midblock lanes.

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