SDR Traffic Radar



SDR traffic – The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads.

Which kind of traffic data do you need today? Which kind you might need in 5 years? The versatile traffic data collection device will collect today and tomorrow´s traffic data and the flash updatable firmware will ensure future compatibility!

You will get answers to the following answers:

What is the current vehicle speed level per traffic direction?
How many vehicles are traveling per traffic lane?
What is the current percentage of truck traffic?
How many bicycles are riding on our bike lanes?

The SDR is a versatile and reliable traffic classifier using an inbuilt microwave (radar) sensor to measure traffic at a one or two lane (opposite direction) road layout.

The easy setup of the self-calibrating SDR and online traffic monitoring can be done on site by the use of a smartphone without interrupting the traffic flow.
Modern on-board GPRS wireless communication enables the user to access the data remotely without being on site.

The low power design of the SDR in combination with the solar power option extends the SDR data collection capabilities to 365 days per year.

Binning of traffic in two classes car/truck
Binning of traffic in 4+ classes, overhead
installation available
Easy an enduring: Your system can be updated at any time and GPRS will keep your systems always up-to-date.
Install the newest firmware or book new functions, all from your workplace
Total control at any time with myTrafficData! We-based access to you database wherever you are.
You can access your data, visualize statistics and generate reports.
Administration of several products is comfortable and safe.